Green Card Lottery – Eligibility Criteria For Participation

The Green Card Lottery is familiarly accepted as the American Green Card Lottery or the Assortment Visa Lottery Program.It is a aperture for ambitious humans from acceptable countries to live,work and abstraction in the acreage of dreams. In added words, Assortment Lottery promotes assortment in the United States and humans beyond the apple to accomplish their dreams and aswell to get the Permanent Resident status. Green Card holders not alone accept health, education, and added rights, but they can sponsor ancestors for Green Card as well.

Having such assorted advantages, one will absolutely try their luck in accommodating in the Green Card Lottery. Well, to acquisition out if you are advantageous or not, you will accept to accommodated assertive accommodation belief to participate in the Lottery.

There are two aloft belief to participate. Firstly, an alone accept to be a built-in of a condoning country, Secondly an alone accept to accommodated the educational or the training requirements. To be added specific about the accommodation requirement,

You accept to be a built-in of a condoning country

When we allocution about built-in of a condoning country it refers to the country in which you were built-in admitting you may be residing in a altered country. If your country of bearing does not arise on the account of acceptable countries, you can annals through your spouse’s country of bearing provided your apron is from an acceptable country


If one of your parents was built-in in an acceptable country, again you can affirmation your parent’s country of birth.To be added specific, if you were built-in in a country whose citizenry are ineligible, but neither of your parents was built-in there or resided there at the time of your birth, again you can affirmation accommodation through one of your parents country of birth, provided the citizenry authorize for the Lottery Program.

You accept to accommodated the educational and training requirements

Every appellant accept to accept either a top academy apprenticeship or its equivalent, authentic as acknowledged achievement of a 12-year advance of elementary and accessory education


Two years of plan acquaintance aural the accomplished 5 years in an activity acute at atomic two years of training or experience. To acquisition out or actuate the plan acquaintance the U.S. Department of labor’s O*Net OnLine database will be used.

Applicants who do not accommodated the aloft requirements will not be able to abide any access in the Assortment Visa Program.

The approach abaft the Lottery Affairs is to disentangle U.S. to a advanced class of account and cultures by bringing humans from beyond the world. This affairs is conducted every year and 50,000 visas are accepted to the humans all about the apple and all 50,000 Winners are issued a US Green Card acceding them and their families to reside and plan in the United States.

The Green Card Holder is not alone acceptable to plan but has all the rights provided by the US with an barring of the voting right. Further, they accept the advantage of applying for citizenship as able-bodied in the afterwards stages afterwards advancement the abode requirements. Isn’t this a abundant opportunity? Green Card Lottery is afterwards all a amount of adventitious and why not try your luck!